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"My BMW Service"​

Campaign for BMW Romania

Stefanini Infinit launches the new
"My BMW Service"​ Campaign for BMW Romania

Stefanini Infinit together with the BMW Romania team recently started a beautiful collaboration in the area of creative services, strategy, digital centric creation, and, in the first phase, they focused their efforts on launching the new “My BMW Service” campaign.

The campaign aims to attract as many users as possible from the BMW customers and is part of the digital services that BMW develops to be as close as possible to its customers.

The concept of the campaign is a simple one when you are connected with your car, you are more connected with your life.

And the BMW Connected app is BMW’s premium service that allows you to always know the status of your car and control a multitude of functions from wherever you are.

 “Ease of life” comes as a service that you set up and forget about, which uses technology so that BMW customers can take full advantage of their car and everything that life has in store for them.

Client Testimonial

"BMW puts the “pleasure of driving” at the center of everything it does, and this must be reflected in what we do in the creative field and especially in the digital area, particularly in these times. Stefanini Infinit understood how to surprise creatively these insights very well and their digital experience in working with technology has helped a lot in understanding our products and services as well as "My BMW Service". We thank the agency for these things, especially because as at this time the campaign already over-delivers from all the points of view, from media indicators to application downloads "

Andra Batu

Business Development & Marketing Manager - BMW Romania

The campaign illustrates and promotes the features of the application through a series of creative digital materials created by Stefanini Infinit. To amplify the concept, Stefanini Infinit created digital materials, social media posts, and a new landing page, which you can find here.

Team Testimonials

"Stefanini Infinit has a long and proven experience in advertising & digital transformation for the automotive area, offering for the last over 12 years services in this field to top automotive and moto brands, from strategy, creative, media buying & planning to the area of digital transformation, BPO and products dedicated for automotive market. We are happy to start working with BMW on strategy, digital strategy and creative services on such a campaign, especially since it is a campaign about "digital augmentation" of the physical product as we call it and it is one of the directions we believe the automotive will in terms of CX and User Centricity. Thank you BMW for trusting Stefanini Infinit & The Stefanini Group."

Alex Cernătescu

CEO, Co-Founder & Global Head of Strategy - Stefanini Infinit

"Although times have changed, the car has remained an extension of our lives, an element of safety and now more than ever, an escape to new places. BMW's challenge came in the form of a brief; communicating its premium after-sales services to a wider target audience. My BMW Service is an efficient and technologically advanced service that always allows you to be informed about the condition of your car. Because a campaign about the main technical benefits of the products would have been sterile and because there was no doubt about the quality of BMW services, we approached the communication from an emotional perspective, going more on the secondary benefits of these services. When you have full access to the quality and transparency of services like these, then you are free at any time to truly connect to life. “Connect with your car. Connect with your life " is a powerful statement for its after-sales campaign, but also an ideology that communicates BMW's global values - driving pleasure, openness, clarity, and emotion."

Ruxandra Matache

Group Creative Director Stefanini Infinit

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