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Fashion House

Campaign for Fashion House

Fashion House and Stefanini Infinit (Infinit Agency) will keep working closely in 2021 and beyond!

The collaboration between Fashion House and Stefanini Infinit started in 2019 and it is based on a continuously openness to evolution and improvement of the online presence of the biggest retail park in the West side of Bucharest, located at 13th km of the Bucharest-Pitesti highway.

The good news started to appear, both through the monthly social media reports and the expansion of Fashion House Group business. Starting from June 2021, a second shopping center will open near Cernica, under the name of Fashion House Pallady, and the agency in charge of the digital services will remain Stefanini Infinit.

The main social media campaigns are Salemania, Shoes Mania, 50% OFF and Super Outlet Shopping Day/ Maxi Weekend which ensures good sales results for both our outlet shops representatives and Fashion House customers. Clients are enthusiastically waiting for the “hero” event with sales up to -90%, which from a digital point of view, generates organic reach and a constantly growing fan base.

Fashion House audience is mainly women, most of them aged between 25 and 35 years old, representing 70%, while the rest of the 30% is represented by men. Therefore, the digital content is personalized, in order to be interesting for both categories.

Client Testimonial

“An operator such as Fashion House needs agencies like Stefanini Infinit, which has expertise in advertising, strategy and creative services – but in their case- also the tech support from Stefanini Group. As a marketing manager in retail fashion, especially during these atypical times, we are facing challenges that require agility, adapting our strategy in real time, working more and more with data and digital tools. Of course, we are focusing on our customers’ needs and this is why we are leaning on our partners, the agencies we are working with. Thank you, Stefanini Infinit for all the support and results we obtained together. The outlet segment we operate in is generating outcomes beyond our expectations.”

Mioara Deaconu

Marketing Manager Fashion House Outlet Centres

From November 2020, Fashion House started the 3rd phase of the developing plan implementation, which means new brands joined Fashion House Group, among which are Decimas, Union Brands, Smyk, Numero Uno, and Diesel and Guess expanded their commercial spaces. Right now, the communications is mentioning “almost 60 brands”, the latest addition being United Colors of Benetton, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. 

Even if 2020 was full of challenges, once with the reopening from the mid-June, the Fashion House Facebook page started generating a growing organic reach, simultaneously with a higher engagement, compared to the same period in 2019.

Team Testimonials

“Retail (with everything it means) is one of the most important strategic directions for our group. Our focus has been on unifying the physical world of a “shop” with the digital world of the brand since 2007-2008. In 2021, more than ever, we own an impressive set of tools and methodologies created of retail which combine creativity, strategy, data analytics and data science, even unto community management and social media. This is what helps us support businesses like Fashion House, not only with day-to-day brand managing, promotions and loyalty, but also with constant digital transformation which is a must, these days, for retail brands and companies. “

Alex Cernătescu

CEO, Co-Founder & Global Head of Strategy - Stefanini Infinit

We are proud to share an amazing #SUCCESS-STORY of Stefanini Infinit (Infinit Agency) & Stefanini Group / Stefanini EMEA / Stefanini North America and APAC and FASHION HOUSE Group – an amazing discussion with Stefanini Infinit’s CEO – Alex Cernatescu & Mia Deaconu – about INNOVATION, DIGITAL & CREATIVITY on a solid strategic and data canvas.

We are very proud to MIX CREATIVITY & TECHNOLOGY and deliver constant innovation in RETAIL/FASHION for FASHION HOUSE OUTLET CENTER.
Also, a big thank you to one of the greatest marketing professionals that we have the honor of working with for so many years – Mia Deaconu – Marketing Manager FASHION HOUSE Group! Thank you Mia for your amazing vision, constantly challenging us and most important – your TRUST in #STEFANINIINFINIT & #STEFANINIGROUP!

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