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First episode of EPIC TALKS with Nerds and Creatives


First episode of EPIC TALKS with Nerds and Creatives, featuring Alex Cernatescu, Fábio Caversan & Mario Fialho!

In this livestreaming series, Alex hosts amazing guests who discuss current business challenges companies are facing, the best strategies for digitalization, the need for creativity, and most importantly, how NERDS and CREATIVES must play nicely together in order to create amazing solutions. Just in time for the holidays, this first episode features Fabio Caversan, Stefanini Digital Business and Innovation VP and Mario Fialho, Stefanini Enterprise Solutions Architecture and Senior Manager. Together with Alex, the three will be discussing the many ways businesses can stay relevant during the holidays and provide what their customers need. Please join us, interact with us, and let’s TALK about the FUTURE.

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