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Brand Awareness Campaign Brand Awareness Campaign

The Brief

Generate buzz around Ekselence gourmet ice cream brand. Establishing a brand presence, building a community, and positioning the products as a premium choice in the ice-cream market.

Brand Awareness and increase visibility for Ekelence brand

Increase sales for the new all-Ekselence products

Generate high-quality user-generated content featuring gourmet ice cream.

The Solution

A strategic influencer marketing campaign, we aimed to position Ekselence, the gourmet ice cream as a premium, indulgent treat that is both visually captivating and irresistibly delicious.

Gourmet Excellence: Highlight the artisanal craftsmanship, unique flavors, and quality ingredients that define our gourmet ice cream.

Visual Temptation: Showcase the visually appealing nature of our products through high-quality photography and videography.

Art of Indulgence: Convey the luxurious and indulgent experience that our gourmet ice cream offers.

Website Campaign


Ioana Grama

Ioana Grama

Sanziana Iacob

Sanziana Iacob

Creative dedicated content on 2 of the most popular platforms IG and Tik Tok

Over 1 mil video views on IG and Tik Tok

Over 85k engagement to our materials (likes, shares, comments, etc)

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