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Brand Awareness Campaign Brand Awareness Campaign

The Brief

To launch and establish Transalpina in the digital landscape through a strategic influencer marketing campaign, with a focus on enhancing brand awareness, fostering engagement, and driving online presence.

Brand Awareness and increase visibility for Transalpina brand

Increase sales for Transalpina products

Generate high-quality user-generated content for the brand

The Solution

A strategic influencer marketing campaign, we aimed to create a flavorful and engaging launch that resonates with our target audience and positions Transalpina products as an ice cream treat in the hearts and minds of Romanian dessert enthusiasts. 

Embark on a journey of creating new ice cream memories with Transalpina. Every scoop is a chance to savor life's sweetest moments.

Elevate your daily routines into cherished memories with Transalpina. From cozy TV nights to sunny park picnics, every moment is an opportunity for creating new memories.

Transforming everyday activities into meaningful experiences filled with the delight and joy of savoring Transalpina.

Website Campaign

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Andreea Corb

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Andreea Corb​

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Elian Mita

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Elian Mita

Creative dedicated content on 2 of the most popular platforms IG and Tik Tok

Over 10 mil video views on IG and Tik Tok

Over 300k engagement to our materials (likes, shares, comments, etc)

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