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Stefanini Infinit continues the creative, digital strategy & Social Media relationship with J&B throughout 2020 “and beyond”​!

Regardless of the pandemic effect in the alcoholic beverages market, J&B together with the creative agency Stefanini Infinit have maintained a close collaboration and continue launching numerous projects.

In order to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers during this period, we created a new communication concept, one that emphasizes the quality of the J&B whisky taking into account the fact that consumption now takes place at home or in small gatherings.

J&B, the #1 ranked brand in the Romanian whisky market, approached a new visual design for the gift package, responding to the expectations and desires of the Romanian public.

The new package, featuring a premium design created Stefanini Infinit, is the perfect gift set for a multitude of occasions.

Team Testimonial

"Starting from J&B’s party whisky positioning, we managed from the beginning of the pandemic to remain close to our consumers taking into account the recommendations from the authorities but also the brand essence. On Social Media, we gave fans ideas for spending safe but quality time together with their friends. Then September came with new changes and challenges. We created a premium design for a new gift box and worked on a new TV spot that highlights the quality of a special whisky."

Ruxandra Matache

Group Creative Director Stefanini Infinit

Together, the agency and J&B are preparing another surprise, a TV spot that highlights the well-known J&B neat, the new gift box and the classic Cola mix.

The focus of these campaigns and changes is to put consumers at the center and bring a perfect mix of joy and celebration even after the current outgoing restrictions. 

Client Testimonial

"Stefanini Infinit is the J&B partner that helps us constantly tell our brand story, especially now that the digital environment that has become the center of our communication.

It is very important that the agency managed to deliver both creative ideas and extraordinary executions but also the know-how in strategy and digital technology. J&B seeks to combine all these elements all the time to offer our consumers quality experiences, whether those are in the outside world or behind their screens."

Claudia Ancuța / Mihai Chiriacescu

CEE Marketing Director / CEE Group Brand Manager

CEO Testimonial

"For us, even considering the great digital expertise that we have, the current situation has put more and more pressure in the creative department - to come up with solutions that are more and more adapted and even likewise, more adaptable. I believe that any customer or brand seeks a creative agency partner that can help them in these very dynamic times, both technologically and digitally, as well as taking into account day-to-day changes in consumer behavior and adjusting all these upcoming changes in our creative department. Thank you J&B for trusting Stefanini Infinit ,and we will invest just as much time and effort in the future to make this relationship continue and grow together as much as possible! "

Alex Cernătescu

CEO, Co-Founder & Global Head of Strategy - Stefanini Infinit

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