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Stefanini Infinit identified the best opportunity to launch the new Cif Disinfect & Shine products!

During a period in which our home has become our main place where we spend most of our time, Stefanini Infinit and the Cif Unilever team have launched the new range of Cif Disinfect & Shine disinfectants.

To communicate the functional benefits of the new Cif Disinfect & Shine Spray products in an emotional way, Stefanini Infinit has identified the best opportunity to introduce communities to the most relevant content creators.

The concept of the campaign is based on the development of a parallel between a beautiful, disinfected house and our loved ones, of whom we always want to take care of. We all want to show our love, appreciation and care for our loved ones. And, care starts with the space where we feel best, at home.

On the occasion of the winter holidays, the campaign brings to the forefront the families, the time spent at home with loved ones and the desire to feel safe at home. With the help of the influencers Ela Crăciun, Vladimir Draghia, Ioana Grama, Marian Ionescu & Georgiana Ionescu, Cif Disinfect & Shine reached the homes of consumers. Each influencer talked about their new habits of cleaning and disinfecting more often so that their loved ones are safe at home.

Influencers were pleasantly surprised that the new range of Cif Disinfect & Shine products can be used in cooking areas, that it destroys even Coronavirus and is safe for children’s toys and pets. 

We thank all the content creators who joined the campaign: Diana Catanoaia, Daniela Macsim, Mara Coman, Through the World, Noemi Meilman, Edi Enache, Sunday Chef, Sensy Food, Adriana Patuschinsky, Pink Wish Blog, Andrei Niculae, Daniela Niculi, Dexter Chef, Travel and Plates, Pia Marina.

Through this campaign we managed to bring Cif Disinfect & Shine into people’s homes, giving them that feeling of being safe.

Here you can find the posts on Instagram:

As a result of the campaign, the Cif Romania Instagram page had an increase in brand awareness of 84%, the number of followers increased by approximately 30%, and with the help of content creators, the campaign’s message reached approximately 1.9 million followers.

Client Testimonial

"2020 was a special year, regarding the challenges it has brought to the FMCG industry. It was a year of change in regards to the consumption habits of Romanians which underwent important changes. It was a year of responsibility, with all the defining characteristics of this term. Responsibility for the planet, for consumers and their health. Thus, the Cif Disinfect & Shine range was our natural answer to all these changes: a 2 in 1 product, dermatologically tested, based on 100% cleaning agents derived from natural sources meant to help our consumers by eliminating 99 , 9% of bacteria and viruses and the elimination of daily dirt, with minimal impact on the planet. "

Anca Cojocaru

Brand manager CIF

Team Testimonial

"The online is the main "canvas" on which we tell the stories of the brands we communicate for, and in the last year this has happened mainly given the context in which we have been and still are. It is very important for us as an agency to be able to help the brands we serve to choose the best possible strategy, with a digital centric approach and then to implement it with the most appropriate and relevant creative ideas for their consumers. Thanks again to Unilever and the Cif brand for trusting Stefanini Infinit. "

Alex Cernătescu

CEO, Co-Founder & Global Head of Strategy - Stefanini Infinit

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