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Stefanini Infinit is proud to announce the upcoming


Stefanini Infinit is proud to announce the upcoming, the first online co-creation video content platform for brands

The stage is created for branded entertainment, educational and cultural content made in collaboration with brands for the millions of people staying at home worldwide. 

The platform will be one of the first new media channels built during the middle of a very atypical global crisis. 

Together with Stefanini Infinit (Infinit Agency) & Stefanini Group’s global presence, clients, and partners, will distribute daily content live filled with activities for everyone staying in. 

“Now more than ever we are experiencing a need to address a real issue. In these troubling times, brands should come together under a unified message of hope and a desire to keep the morale up. At-home entertainment is creating new ways to connect with one another, regardless of real life social distancing.

Brands, true brands should never stop communicating but become even more an inspiration to their consumers.”

Alex Cernatescu

CEO & Co-Founder – Stefanini Infinit

“We planned to open up to a universal audience by inviting brands all over the world to join our mission.

The vision of the project is being built as we go along and most importantly it is co-created with our launching partners – the brands that pledged their support to build such an endeavor with us.

It’s an uncertain time, for ourselves as humans as well as the entire economy, so hopefully this can bring an inspirational message for everyone involved.”

Matei Curtasu

Global Creative Director – Stefanini Infinit

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