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Stefanini Infinit launches with Electrolux the “Wardrobe Tales” campaign

Stefanini Infinit together with the Electrolux Romania team started the collaboration in November 2020 and present their first campaign “Make It Last”.

Electrolux wanted to be closer to their consumers and at the same time more relevant and authentic. From the desire to improve the daily lives of people and the world around us a new communication platform was created, meant to emphasize the sustainability of the products but also the image of the leading brand in sustainable projects. It was launched with the approach of the Make It Last with Electrolux project.

The concept of the campaign is based on the memories and magical moments we live in our favorite clothes. More than a simple fashion-centric approach, the campaign brings to the foreground and in an organic way the stories of our favorite items of clothes with the help of the 3 endorsers – Ioana Grama, Deea Codea, Cudeea, each influencer recounting the emotions they experienced in the most precious clothes from their wardrobe. 

Each influencer had their own direction of communication under the hashtags of the #makeitlast, #electroluxconcept, and #FaLucrurileSaDureze campaign, promoting the campaign through series of posts that connect the wardrobe with strong emotions or memories and the desire to keep those memories and clothing items for as long as possible.

Client Testimonial

“We want to get closer to Romanian consumers and make them aware of the impact of their behaviors in relation to the environment and one of the ways to do so is to create authentic local content. In this sense, we believe that the association with relevant influencers for our target segment has worked very well, consumers found themselves in the stories described in the campaign and wanted to share similar experiences. ”

Mioara Deaconu

Marketing Manager Fashion House Outlet Centres

Team Testimonials

“In the current market context, creativity is equally important as the strategic digital know-how, social media, but also the permanent and correct analysis of relevant trends for consumers. I believe that a brand like Electrolux with a very high quality of products deserves to benefit fully from the right channels through which to create and maintain long-term relationships with its customers and Stefanini Infinit is here to help with this in the more creative way possible. We thank Electrolux for the trust given to Stefanini Infinit. ”

Alex Cernătescu

CEO, Co-Founder & Global Head of Strategy - Stefanini Infinit

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