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Stefanini Infinit in FORBES


We are focused on 2 very important topics:

Our employees’ safety and health.

Keeping on delivering impeccable services to our clients.”

Find out in the FULL FORBES material ( FULL ARTICLE [ROMANIAN] at this link: ) about our first decisions during this corona virus crisis situation, what measures we took in our company and also insights and recommendations.

“When we are facing these kinds of situations, our 13 years of entrepreneurial experience taught us to have a fast and firm approach, but never a rushed one.

We focused on 2 very important topics:

1. Our employees’ safety and health.
2. Keeping on delivering impeccable services to our clients.”

“Simultaneously, we thought of multiple scenarios for the impact this situation will have on our clients, from an economic point of view. These changes will also affect us, so we started with optimizing and reducing costs immediately, but keeping the structural integrity. Let’s not forget that we are all making sacrifices now, we are living hard times, but there will be a business life after corona – it is important not to forget this when we make decisions, especially under pressure.”

“I don’t want to oversimplify the situation, but if you have a system with wheels (the economy) and then you instantly, suddenly, artificially take out some (because of the pandemic) you have to put them back in the same way, fast and firmly. You have to completely rethink the whole system, a process that takes a lot of time and so, in the meantime, the risks are growing and the economy is collapsing. We need clear and fast support, but not rushed.”

“Uncertainty is the most dangerous thing in business (and in general) – we all know how to take action when we have a clear foresight, even a bad one. We sell more, we re-adapt services, etc. But when everything is unclear is like driving in fog – the instinct is to hit the brake on until you feel you are safely driving again.
The problem is that, now, many business players feel like driving in the dark, without headlights.
Some of them have already completely stopped and turned on the car’s signal lights.”

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