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Social Media 360

Keeping the social in everything we do

From COMMUNITY BUILDING to management, growing, optimizing and administering and from strategy to content creation.

Our SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM can support your business in all social media channels that your brand needs to grow and sell more.

Social media services should not be absent from the online communication mix as they are a valuable tool for businesses looking to build a strong online presence and connect with customers in a meaningful way.

Among the social media services
Stefanini Infinit can provide

Organic social media services

Paid social media

Social media trainings

Influencers management

Online monitoring

Our Clients

Fashion House

When it comes to shopping, we all face the same problems and the same frustration.

The experience turns into a nightmare when you have an important event and you can’t find your size, when you try on a lot of clothes but nothing suits you.

We want to be closer to consumers and show them that we understand the problems they face and at the same time encourage them to visit the FASHION HOUSE centers for a nightmare-free shopping session. So we create a contest on Facebook & Instagram where we invite our followers to share the most nightmare incident they experienced at shopping. In order to do that, we added to our communication two influencers, Ela Crăciun and Andreea Perju and also we considered an organic approach.


Outline a detailed online communication strategy that focuses on Tedi’s product portfolio.​

By creating continuous content that follows a consistent theme from the beginning. ​

Communication objectives include:​

  • Sales growth;
  • Increase product  Awareness
  • Bringing the Tedisong back to children’s attention;​
  • Engagementmaintaining an active community on social media pages.​
  • Secondary objectives: showcasing existing tools on the Tediwebsite, such as audio stories, games, and activity/coloringsheets.​
  • Develop comprehensive social media strategy (includinga PR packs, influencer campaigns)​
  • Monthly posting plan: 10 IG posts, 10 FB posts (cartoonish style)​
  • Real-life photos of Tedimascot for Instagram​
  • Biannual contests on platforms​
  • Page likes campaign and post promotions​
  • Community management for engagement​
  • Enhance online presence and brand-consumer relationships for TediRomania.
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Alpin 57 Lux


Generate buzz around the 2 brands in focus.
Establishing a brand presence, building a community around Transalpina & Ekselence.


  • Brand Awareness and increase visibility for the brands
  • Increase sales
  • Generate high-quality user-generated content

A strategic influencer marketing campaign, we aimed to create a flavorful and engaging launch that resonates with our target audience.


Key Messages:

  • Visual Temptation: Showcase the visually appealing nature of our products through high-quality photography and videography.
  • Transforming everyday activities into meaningful experiences filled with the delight and joy of savouring ice-cream
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Outline a detailed online communication strategy that focuses on Suzuki’s product portfolio.

By creating continuous content that follows a consistent theme from the beginning.


Communication objectives include:

  • Sales growth;
  • Increase product Awareness
  • Engagement maintaining an active community on social media pages.

Secondary objectives: showcasing purchasing tools on the Suzuki website and different campaigns for hybrid models, service recall, etc.

  • Develop comprehensive social media strategy
  • Monthly posting plan
  • Contests on platforms
  • Page campaigns and post promotions, such as Vitaraaa, Service Recall, Connect App or partnership with FRP, Itsy Bitsy.
  • Community management for engagement
  • Enhance online presence and brand-consumer relationships for Suzuki Romania.
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Rio Mare

Increase awareness

for Insalatissime range by positioning it as a balanced, tasty, ready to eat option for day-to-day meals

Educate consumers

about the importance of eating fish/tuna on weekly basis (in order to increase consumption intention for RIO Mare products)

Inform about the new products launched in 2021:

Insalatissime Lentils & Insalatissime Chickpeas 

We proposed a creative concept & mechanism, coordinate & monitor implementation, evaluation of the following: 

  • Paid campaign with Influencers​
  • PR / Non-Paid campaign with Influencers​ having  in FOCUS Insalatissimerange, during July & August 2022.

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Alpha Bank

Outline a detailed online communication strategy that focuses on Alpha Bank’s financial products portfolio.

By creating continuous content that follows a consistent theme from the beginning. 

Communication objectives include:

  • Brand Awareness: One of the main objectives of social media in the banking and financial sector is to increase brand awareness.
  • Customer Engagement: This helps in building customer trust and loyalty.
  • Relationship Building: Social media provides an opportunity for banks and financial institutions to build strong relationships with their customers.
  • Develop comprehensive social media strategy
  • Community building: to discuss financial topics, ask questions, and share experiences. 
  • Monthly posting plan: 10-12 IG posts, 20-25 FB posts
  • Contests on platforms
  • Page likes campaign and post promotions
  • Community management for engagement
  • Educating customers: educational content in the form of articles, infographics, videos, etc., to empower customers with financial knowledge.
  • Enhance brand visibility by regularly posting informative and engaging content.

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